Silly caucasian girl likes to play with Samurai swords.

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i might not be updating this blog a lot anymore (or at all? maybe?) because having two blogs is a lot of work. i decided to use my oen directoin blog as my main (multifandom) blog. 

yes i will mostly post and reblog 1 D. if any of you still want to follow me but don’t want to see british happiness on your dash, send me a message and i’m sure we can figure out a tag you can black list. 

might queue some things here now and then — because for some reason i’m really attached to this blog — but it’s highly unlikely. don’t feel obliged to follow me/follow back if i follow you with my other blog. i know that i’ve been away for almost a year and that most of you don’t even remember my name.

i guess i just thought i should make a post about it hi hi 


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So, O-Ren… any more subordinates for me to kill?

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i’m kind of considering not updating this blog/not queue’ing up things as often and just… reblogging everything on my other blog because it’s easier and i’m lazy so like if you still want me on your dash follow my other blog 

and if you don’t then it’s totally fine because like it’s a oen dircetion blog and i understand that some (most) of you don’t want that on your dash (i feel sorry for you btw your life must be sad, it’s not too late to welcome the sunshine into your soul) so yeah no hard feelings

i’ll be over here 

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